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The Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (CEFSG)

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We have added this summary table to the Main Page to take you to the most visited and/or requested page on the CEFSG sites (top line) and this Wiki (other cells). If you want to make a change to this table to add other pages, please contact the Wiki Master. Most of the Wiki pages you visit will also have a "Table of Contents" for that page.

Before you head off into the pages shown in the Index Table below, please read the rest of this page. In there you will find a lot of information about what we are trying to accomplish, what we are doing to achieve these goals, and what has happened most recently.

If you are not "Wiki Literate" you can also go off-site to the WIKI HELP ME PLEASE!

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Missing in Action

If you are looking for information on the Canadian Expeditionary Force and do not find your answer here - please Contact us so we can get you the answers you need. Some pages are MIA because they have not been completed, many are not here because they have not been moved over from the Static Matrix. Someone looking for information in one or more of these categories often results in the update on that page being "Bumped Up", often with an update - or at least a response - that day. Aternatively you can post your request on the CEFSG FORUM. Help us bring all MIA pages home! We are also always looking for members to assist in moving or transcribing pages - are you a member that wants to help? Perhaps you are new to this area of research and are not a member but want to join - fantastic, for as Lord Kitchener said 100 years ago .... WE WANT YOU!


This page contains information for CEFSG Members that want to participate in the WIKI MATRIX Project. If you are just a "Visitor" (a non-member researcher) you may wish to skip this page and go directly to the "Quick Links" immdediately after this introduction.

If you want a status report on what we are working on, what is new and what is completed - then take a look at the Welcome Page. There are a number of new Matrix Utilities on the wiki site that are not on the matrix web site.

At any time, you can submit comments, ask questions or seek clarification on the use of the Matrix on the Contact page.

Please note that if you are not a CEFSG member, you are encouraged to join the team! There is no cost and as a member you will have access to a wade array of research resources as well as the ability to connect directly with fellow researchers. You can post questions and receive answers on the CEFSG FORUM. To register, please go to this page:

CEFSG Registration Page

Registration is simple, you just need an e-mail address and to provide basic information about yourself so we know you are a "real person". One of the site moderators will review your registration and activate your account. You can then return to the Wiki site to register here (using the same user name). You must be a CEFSG FORUM MEMBER to have access to the Wiki editing system.

The Matrix Wiki Site

You may have arrived at this site from the main site of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group (, from a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) or from a current CEFSG member's suggestion. All that is important now is that you are here, so if you are new to the CEFSG - Welcome Aboard - and please keep reading! If you are a current registered member, you can skip down to the next section. Until such time as we figure out how to automate the forward/backward menus, you may be able to chose some options at the top of each page.

The CEFSG is an all volunteer group of people from around the world that have an interest in the men, women, units, battles, or any other aspect of Canada's roll in the Great War of 1914-1919 (World War One, First World War, WWI, WW1 etc.). We have active members throughout North America, across Europe and as far away as New Zealand. There is NO COST to join the CEFSG, however the option to make donations to support the hosting of the web sites is available to all current and new members. Details on how to register as a CEFSG member, or how to donate to the project, are provided on the main web site page - Main CEFSG Page. On that page you will also find main links to the Forum, Blog, and the older web based version of the Matrix. In time, this new fluid Wiki Matrix will replace the static Web Matrix. In the interim, you may be directed to the old static pages from within the Wiki.

We have moved a large number of the many of the images from the Static Matrix to the Wiki Matrix. For reference, you can see a list of image files moved and capture their links at this Wiki Page:

I am not yet sure if we can upload other file types - perhaps time to experiment? The experiement is complete, you can only upload image files. Update July 2014 - we should now also be able to upload PDF files with the new extensions! (see Special:Version)

What are We Working On?

This is a new sub-section to this Main Page added on March 1, 2014. We have added this so you can follow what is new on the site, as well as what sections where assistance may be required. The purpose of the Wiki was to get a number of CEFSG members involved in the Matrix Project, as that was not possible with the "Static" web based Matrix. The site has grown to the size that it is impossible for one or even two people to keep all the pages up-to-date and add the information for the new pages.

Past Work & Status

  • Unit information main list The CEF Wiki Page Index
    • thanks to member RegimentalRogue for putting up a lot of the pages
    • much more of this has to be completed and we desperately need volunteers!
    • please use the Master Battalion Page if you are creating new unit pages
  • Abbreviations are transfered from the Matrix but not from the FORUM listing - volunteer?
  • Cap Badges are all uploaded, sorted and posted but details are NOT ADDED YET
  • Nicholson Utility transfer completed
  • Poetry exists only on the Wiki and is new to the Matrix Utilities

Recently Finished Matrix Utility Pages

Added to the top of the list is the most recently completed work on the transfer of the "Static Matrix Pages" to the "Wiki Matrix".

Work in Progress

  • Army Troops - this was a missing page and started November 1, 2014
  • Training - thanks to Rob's topic and User:RG60th documents
  • War Trophies - these are all new pages, not on the static web
  • general updating of pages started when the wiki was first created

New Pages Only on the Wiki

Work to be Continued

  • Cap Badges: add the information (Town, Province, Details)
  • Troops Summary tables: insert details - all tables exist but empty at moment
  • Infantry Summary table compete but all the units in "red" are missing their individual pages, many of which are created and not transfered and the rest just never created - so this are needs a number of volunteers!

Work to be Started

  • everything else!
  • help required to complete all the "Unit Pages" for all Corps and Troops (see example for The Royal Canadian Regiment

How to Participate

If you wish to participate in the new Wiki Matrix you must first register to become a CEFSG member. You can do that by going to the CEFSG Forum Page and clicking on the Register Button in the upper left corner of the page, or on the link just provided. Once you complete that process, a Forum Administrator will review the information that you submitted and approve your membership, unless you are a SPAM AGENT (human or computer). We take great care to keep SPAM off the Forum, something you will appreciate once you are a member. If you have any trouble registering, you can send all the required information by e-mail to ADMIN @ CEFRESEARCH.CA (copy and remove the spaces) and we will manually complete your registration.

Please note that you do not need to be a CEFSG Member to read the posted information on the Forum, Blog or Wiki but you do need to register if you want to add information. You are welcome to browse through the information prior to deciding if you want to become an active member.

Once you are a CEFSG Forum member you can return to the Wiki site and REGISTER (Created Account) using the same user name you used to register on the forum. You need to tell us that you have registered under your forum user name on the Wiki (send an e-mail to ADMIN) and then we will manually mark your name as authorized to start posting or modifying existing pages. We have elected not to use the automated approach where anyone can join and participate in the CEFSG Wiki, as we would be flooded by those that had the sole purpose of hacking the site or adding junk information. We are also striving to follow a somewhat standard format for the CEFSG Wiki pages (see MASTER sheets). If at any time you have questions, send a direct e-mail or post a PM or message on the main forum site. There are more details on the registration process below.

What is New at the Matrix Wiki for CEFSG Members?

If you have arrived at the new CEFSG MATRIX WIKI as a registered member, you will now have the ability to actively contribute to the information on the CEFSG Matrix Project. In the past, information on the static web site version ( could not be changed by members unless the data was sent to the Matrix Administrator and then uploaded to the web site. With this new initiative, all of the "Registered Members" will be able to read and edit almost all of the information on the Wiki Matrix. Some of the wiki pages are "protected", as in the case of a specific table or project page that is managed by an assigned team (i.e. Cap Badges). You will see that we now have the capability to add IMAGES (see Help:Contents for details).

The development of the CEFSG Matrix Wiki is a "Work In Progress", so we are learning "How To" at the same time we are "Doing Now". If you need help using the Wiki, just ask. If you are very new to Wiki you might want to consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. If you are generally comfortable with wiki and just want help with what we too are learning then you can check our own Help:Contents page. You will also note that each "Page" has a second tab (see upper left corner beside the Matrix Logo) that says "Discussion". That is where you can work on specific format or leave comments about what you are doing on that page. We have found it useful to test the layout on the "Discussion" tab and then "cut & paste" it into the real "Page". Be sure to always SAVE your work - I have forgotten a few times!

You Can Help! - Here is how ....

YOU can help with this project now! Go to any page of the Matrix web site that has not been copied over to the Wiki, capture or select the text and then paste it into the correct page here. You do not need access to the original files. Once the material is copied and posted, the link will change to blue so we will know it has been done. We can worry more about the proper formatting once we learn more about that aspect of Wiki. We are learning on the go! Further down on this page you will see a link to the "Matrix Master Unit Page", so perhaps that is the best route: copy the raw text from that file (open it in edit and copy text) and then paste that in the file for the unit you are creating. Now you copy and past details you want to add from anywhere and put them in the correct spot on the master in your unit file.

Source Files

There are a number of ways to move the information from the "Static Matrix Web" to the "Fluid Matrix Wiki". You can cut & paste the text into an editor (i.e. NotedPad, WordPad, Word, Excel, FrontPage, Dreamweaver .... almost anything) and then work with the text there before loading to the Wiki. You can also "edit and enter" directly on a Wiki page, either your own page or an existing page.

If you are here because you are helping move or start new UNIT PAGES (i.e. Battalion Pages)then please use the new format here:

If you are working on the transfer of simple pages, such as the Unit Pages (Battalions, Brigades, Division, Troops, etc.) it is relatively easy to cut & paste directly. If you are working on complex pages with tables and figures, then using an alternate process may work better. For example, it has recently been discovered that both the "Wiki Language" and conventional "HTML Language" both work on a Wiki page, so copying pages directly from the code page of the Static Web Site has some merits for complex pages. You can see see some examples of that on pages such as the Chronology or Navigation_Chart.

The "Source Files" that you want to access if you are doing a simple "Cut & Paste" are the Web Matrix Pages:

  • Source for original page content (for you to copy and paste from; right-click and open in new window or tab to have both the Matrix and Wiki indexes open)

If you have current software (Windows 7 or 8) there are some easy tricks to display both pages on your computer monitor at the same time instantly. If you are using XP then you can achieve the same by manual configuration, which we will add to the Help:Contents page (look for "Monitor").

Registration Requirement for the Wiki

In the present situation, you need to REGISTER (upper right corner) and fill in the information to participate in the Wiki Project. This is different than the main registration for the CEFSG Forum membership. Once you have registered on the Wiki, you will get an e-mail back from the site to confirm that you have registered - thus verifying your e-mail address and that you "do exist". You should use your CEFSG FORUM "Username" so that we recognize it, as we can then also confirm your settings (rather than waiting for the system default approval - could take days). In this initial phase of the "test program" it would probably be a good idea if you sent an e-mail to to tell us you have registered so we can watch for and change the settings. VERY IMPORTANT that if you do not get an e-mail confirmation from the site that you check your "Junk Mail" folder, as that is where it may go! The e-mail would come back from: MediaWiki Mail <>

As soon as you send your e-mail, with your current CEFSG User Name that matches the Member List, we will check the details and manually set your registration to Immediate Activation.

The Operational Plan

Eventually the Matrix Wiki will match the Matrix Web Site, perhaps eventually leading to the disbandment of the web site in favour of the Wiki. For the moment, specific components of both will coexist in a symbiotic relationship.

At initiation of the Wiki Project we initially posted a test page based on the first of the 2012-2013 updates:

  1. 101st Infantry Battalion

You will see from the notes that follow in this section that improvements have been made to that page.

More recently we created a new page for the 164th Battalion that includes places to input all of the information from Stewart, Love, Meek, etc. On that DISCUSSION page Talk:164th_Battalion of the 164th we have given you the BLANK FORMAT for a similar page, so if you set that page to edit you can copy that format and use it on any other page.

  1. 164th Battalion
  2. Talk:164th Battalion

The "Regimental Rogue" apparently came to the CEFSG Wiki with some advanced knowledge on the system and so Mike has already transferred a number of pages and completed some fine pages. You will want to check out The_Royal_Canadian_Regiment page for details! If you click on the Talk:Main_Page of this page that you are now reading you will see the format style that RR has created. You can select "edit" for that page and then copy that format to your new page or a text editor.

If you want to just try the system and enter some information to show that you have registered (add any comments as well) use these pages:

  1. Test Page for Members
  2. Test Unit Page

What you see right now is the early work on the project, as we are most certainly in the learning phase of this project. As it progresses, you will see more of the structure that is in the existing Matrix. If you see a link in PURPLE that means that a page has been activated. If it is RED then it means the page has been initiated but the text from the Matrix site has not been copied to the Wiki site.

The new format for the 2012-2013 Matrix Upgrade is in tabular format for the web site in WORD and a wiki text version of that page is provided here:

  1. Matrix Master Unit Page 2012-2013

Please follow that format if you are updating or adding a new page to this wiki. Existing pages that are copied over from the Matrix web site will need to be adjust to fit this format. Eventually the two site indexes should match.

Sources of Information

If you wish to participate in the Wiki project as a CEGSG member, please specify the source where you obtained the information that you are posting. If you have the name of the text, article or perhaps just a web link - please include that with your summary.

During the process of adding information on the Wiki Cap Badges the topic of "Primary" versus "Secondary" information sources came to light. This has raised an important issue that we will be striving to address over the upcoming months. The basic concept here is that we have used a number of "Secondary Sources" of information, some of which may in fact be "Tertiary Sources" of information. Apparently a lot of this information is either incorrect or ambiguous and many members are calling for references to the "Primary Sources" of information. Here is a sample of what we mean for these different classifications and we call on others to add to these lists:

Primary Sources of Information

Secondary Sources of Information

On the static Matrix page we actually listed these as "Primary References" but in fact they are not and so that needs to be changed. These are really secondary references.

  • Barbara Wilson Thematic Guides (all files on our MediaFire site)
  • for reference texts see CEFSG Matrix List
  • Nicholson, G. W. L. 1962. Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War: Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919. Queens Printer and Controller of Stationary, Ottawa, Canada. (available as the Nicholson Matrix Utility)
  • Stewart, C. H. 1970. "Overseas" The Lineages and Insignia of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914 -1919. Little & Stewart, Mission Press, Toronto, Canada.
  • Love, D. W. 1999. "A Call to Arms" The Organization and Administration of Canada's Military in World War One. Bunker to Bunker Books, Winnipeg & Calgary, Canada.
  • Love, D. W. 2012. "A Nation in Making" The Organization and Administration of the Canadian Military During the First World War". Service Publications. Ottawa, Canada. (available from Service Publications - CEFSG member)
  • Meek, J. F. 1971. "Over the Top" The Canadian Infantry in the First World War. Self Published, Orangeville, Canada (now being reproduced by the CEFSG in cooperation with the Lorne Scots Regiment, Georgetown Ontario)
  • Livesay, J. F. B. 1919. Canada's Hundred Days: With the Canadian Corps from Amiens to Mons, Aug. 8 - Nov. 11, 1918. Thomas Allen, Toronto. (Available on the Internet as an Archive Download)

Formatting in a Wiki

If you have not used a Wiki Site before this page on formatting may be of assistance:

Any time I am looking for assistance, I just go to Google and type "How do I **** on a Wiki Page?". That usually gives you the correct answer.

To view the GENERAL HELP contents for Wiki go here:

I am now (February 2014) looking at WYSIWYG editors for Wiki - go here on this site for more information

Word WYSIWYG Editor

Enter the CEFSG Matrix Wiki

If you are now ready to enter the Wiki Matrix, this will take you to the main pages: The CEF Wiki Page Index

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.