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This page last updated Tuesday, 04. September 2012

The following page has been put together to provide general information for researchers of the CEF in the Great War.  This information will be updated as more information is received from other researchers, or additional facts are uncovered.  If you have information that will improve this page, please do not hesitate to submit the details to the Matrix. Contact information is provided in the footer of each page.

As a component of the 2012-2013 Matrix Upgrade Project, the REFERENCE TEXTS previously listed on individual pages have been incorporated into this REFERENCE PAGE as a sub-directory (see links in main header of this page).

Public Notice of Change:

If you previously used the web site, please note that it is no longer available on-line. An archived copy of that site has been located (CHM format) and can be downloaded from the CEFSG MediaFire folder here: Regiments.chm. In order to use the external links in that site, left click on the link and extract the web site information by selecting properties. The internal links work correctly.

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General background on how to approach the task of finding information about Great War Soldiers.  Also shown here on this list are some of the most commonly used resources on the Matrix Project.
Library and Archives Canada:
Soldiers of the Great War
Order Soldiers Service File
War Diaries
Search Infantry Battalions
Ship Passenger Lists
On-Line Photographs
Other LAC Research Tools


Library and Archives Canada has an extensive selection of information on Great War Soldiers.  Start here with these links to find basic information and then start a detailed search.  For the greatest detail, order a copy of the soldiers service file from LAC directly (see link provided).  There is a fee for that service (usually $25 to $50) and it can take 3 to 6 weeks to receive the file.
Provinces of Canada:
Nova Scotia Military History


CEFSG members are often researching units and soldiers of specific areas of Canada. These links are to units that are associated with provincial military histories of the Great War. If the need arises, we will break this down into regions or cities of the provinces.
Maple Leaf Legacy Project:
Search for a soldiers grave

Note that if you have used this page in the past the web site was a "dot org" page and it is now a "dot ca" page. Any pages previously located on the ORG site must now be relocated on the CA site.

This is a volunteer project, run by Canadians in Ypres, Belgium.  The end result will be a photograph of all Canadian Soldiers grave markers in all countries.  Many more photographs have been taken than what appear here, so ask if you don't see the one you are seeking.  Also volunteer to add photos from your community.  Note that the country search is the country where the grave is located and NOT the country for which the soldier served in the war.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Search for a casualty
Virtual War Memorial
If the soldier you are researching was killed in the Great War then they should be listed in this database.  This is also the database used by the Canadian Virtual War Memorial in Ottawa.  Please note that the cut-off dates for the CWGC are August 4, 1914 to August 31, 1921 for the Great War and September 3, 1939 to December 31, 1947 for the World War II.  The CWGC is aware that many soldiers who were wounded in the Great War died after December 31, 1921 but they can not be added to the database.  It was on August 31, 1921 when the war was officially ended by an Order in Council.


Records Located in the UK
The London Gazette
UK National Archives
As Canada was fighting as a British colony, many Canadians fought in British units and likewise some UK Nationals fought with Canadian Units.  Generally any gallantry awards or promotions are recorded in the London Gazette.  It takes some time to learn the art of searching the Gazette, so be patient.  It is also wise to check the UK National Archives in the event your soldier did serve in the UK forces at any time or was decorated by the British Army.


Canadian Census Records
1906 Northwest Provinces Only
1911 Canadian Census
It is often an necessary to locate the soldier that you are researching in order to confirm that you have the right person.  The census records are a useful tool in that exercise.  Also note that many of the census records are now also linked to the Great War records of the named soldier.  This is a volunteer project so you can offer to assist in the linking project or the transcription of census records.


Canadian Great War Soldier Blogs
Soldiers of the Great War
These blogs are from members who have done research on specific soldiers.  The concept was to keep a standard title format so that anyone could find a CEF soldier in that list.  Some of the more prominent Canadian soldiers are listed here, such as the first killed, the last killed and our "Centenarian Soldiers".  If you have done a private blog on your soldier, be sure to send in the link so it can be added here.  You will see the format is "" where the name is the first initial and last name.


Forces Genealogy
Military History in the Making

Military Records Search
History Search
Military Genealogy - Military History in the making from Forces Reunited. Over 1 million records and 4000 British Armed Forces units listed.

Military Genealogy holds over 1 million military records of British Armed Forces personnel and military records of over 400,000 living armed forces veterans. 
We are the only military genealogy site to hold this information, as members of our sister site, Forces Reunited have entered their details voluntarily. Usually, records post 1920 are only revealed by the MOD to the next of kin. 

Members of Forces Reunited can be contacted by email and may be able to help your genealogy research by bringing important information to light from their time served at the unit, base or ship you are researching. 


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